Department Of International Relations

Department Of International Relations

The department of International Relation has been established to stimulate curiosity for and love for learning globally, which widens the scope of educational opportunity and access of student.

Poornima University works closely with leading Universities around the world. An internationalized university is concerned with the development of a multicultural community of students and staff, preparing its students for global political and social environments, and the development of international alliances in research, education and business.

There are no boundaries to the pursuit of knowledge at Poornima. Through strategic alliances and links with foreign universities, the standard of education at Poornima is currently at par with the best in the world. The University conducts higher studies and student exchange programs, faculty exchange and development programs, Internships, short courses & scholarly meetings, lectures, conferences, workshops, collaborative research, exchange of publications and teaching materials with respect to each University. These international collaborations allow students, visiting scholars and faculty from partner universities around the world to spend time at the University in ways that have deepened and broadened teaching-learning process, research and consultancy, etc.

We are committed to strengthening the collaboration in the following areas:

  • Research & Development Projects
  • Student & Faculty Exchange Programs
  • Credit Transfer
  • Co-Publishing
  • Knowledge Sharing and Creation
  • Setting Benchmarks

Our view is that collaborations work best bottom-up, driven by the shared interests of academics and in the service of great teaching and research. Office of International Relations is a nodal point to contact for any query regarding admissions for Study abroad programs. 

You may think you can ignore international relations – but international relations won’t ignore you !

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