Covid-19 Impact On Engineers: Skills To Grow & Careers To Follow

Covid-19 has inflicted great havoc on the job industry. To become one successful engineer, you need to know which skills are trending in demand right now and which industry areas are growing at the time. With the starting of 2020, the world has been observing a health catastrophe with unsettling implications. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought havoc, causing a colossal amount of damage, whether it’s the loss of human lives or financial or economic shortfalls. The world saw a huge change almost overnight. Countries were demanded to impose lockdowns with extensive economic and financial disruptions. The students, on the other hand, were amongst those whose lives took an unchangeable turn. The decision is not yet out, but the pain of staying indoors is already playing chaos with the minds of the present generation. The school and college-going section had to immediately shift from in-class movement to on-screen lectures and activities. Those who were holding back for the entrance examinations to stimulate their careers are now still keeping their fingers crossed for that moment when these problems would be over.0

Impact Of Covid-19 On Technology Department

The technology and engineering departments have been hit very hard with the virus setting off rising trends in virtually every industry. Although some departments could be the worst hit, for some, it could turn out to be an incredible growth opportunity. This altered scenario would also determine the selection of careers for engineers and technocrats in the upcoming days. So, looking at the job scenario, the question at this pivotal moment for any engineering individual, whether it is an aspiring one or anyone who is already in the middle of their graduation, is what career track should one follow? This question could be divided into two parts — what sectors would prosper post-Covid, and what skills would come in easy in the future world?

Growth Elements Post Covid-19

The individuals of today will have to be in sync with the recent technology trends developing at this key point in history. Although the IT sector is still the highest recruiter and would stay one post-Covid, the jobs arriving in this sector would either lower or be re-engineered to fit the changed set-up. Automation is going to be the prime factor, as it is not only cost-efficient but also does not get adversely hit by working from home. Be it the education department, the healthcare sector, the manufacturing industry or the construction sector, automation concentrating on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Sciences, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are going to be the chief rulers. Industry 4.0, the buzzword over the last some years, in fact, has been made feasible due to the blend of cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Systems. Here we will tell you the 5 IT sector job roles that will definitely work in the post-Covid era.
  1. Cybersecurity
  2. Risk analyst
  3. IoT professionals
  4. Cloud security
  5. AI specialist
The sectors which have already acquired or are adapting to digitize their end-to-end workflow functioning would be at the lead of hiring. This sector needs engineers with a high-end programming skillset, not in any one language but many programming languages. The ‘work from home’ idea would feel the need for IT software and hardware products. Internationally the idea of the ‘home office’ is setting a challenge for technology and engineering service sectors, specifically those which are factually used to work on customer websites or in research labs. To virtualize the complete experience is a challenge that is gazing engineers right in the face. This would need some effort as revolution needs controlled environments to reach desirable research outcomes.

Which Skill Sets Will Be In Requirement?

As the industries focus on rebuilding their outlook, work experience, scope, and mode of hiring, the students also, from their side would have to be mentally attentive and will need to level up their skills more quickly than ever before. Students’ skill sets to their particular technical know-how, should have effective communication, written along with verbal, aptitude and attitude. There would always be a need for creative reasoning, design approaches and problem-solving expertise. These skills would be more in need seeing the recent recruitment trends, all in a virtual manner.


In an outline, the entire engineering fraternity will certainly have to let go of the conventional mindset and think something out of the box to bring innovative answers to the way forward. As soon as the dust settles down on this eruption, the new sunrise would bring in new challenges of life and those, who transform and adapt faster, will win this race.
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