Applicable with effect from July 1, 2018


In the light of changing economic scenario, government policies and priorities of Poornima, the institute considers sponsored research and industrial consultancy projects as an important means for extending benefit of scientific research work at the institute to the sponsoring agencies broadening the experience base of the Institute community and as a tool for contributing to the country’s and economic growth. Therefore, as a matter of policy, the institute encourages its faculty members to undertake research and consultancy work as a measure of scientific/technical collaboration with outside agencies. Appropriate research and consultancy projects, in addition, for providing much needed service to the government and industry, also benefit the concerned faculty members and the institute in several ways. They enrich the professional experience and knowledge of faculty members and thus make them better educators. Research and consultancy projects provide a first-hand knowledge of the current problems of industry and the emerging area which is very helpful in tuning the curriculum the national needs. The faculty members get an opportunity to apply their ideas for finding out the solutions to the problems in emerging areas. Furthermore, the consultancy work also provides incentives for their contribution to all categories of staff.

2.Categorization of Grants/ Projects

Category A: Government funded research projects – This type of research based project work that do not require existing institutional infrastructure but helps in creation of assets through government funded research projects and are based on the expertise of the consultant. The assignments under this category are of highly specialized nature and must be handled with utmost sincerity as they may have far reaching impact on academia as well as society. Thus, any compromise in the execution of such assignments may tarnish the image of the institution. Keeping this in view, it is mandatory to ensure that the concerned consultant possess proper academic qualifications and well established credentials in the area of project.

Category B: Design, development & infrastructure based consultancy – This type of Consultancy will involve use of institution’s computational facilities / software / hardware, testing of sample/ component/ product against a standard and other technical, physical infrastructure by the client. The institution will undertake testing jobs provided testing facilities and expertise are available in the institution itself. The consultant must undertake any consultancy assignment under this category only after ensuring that the machine/ equipment used for testing is duly calibrated and provide accurate results against a reference / standard. It is understood that the testing equipment will be used only by the consultant(s) and not by the client.

Category C: Skill & knowledge based consultancy – This type of consultancy will NOT involve use of institution’s computational facilities / software / hardware but is based on the expertise of the consultant. Keeping this in view, it is mandatory to ensure that the concerned consultant possess proper academic qualifications and well established credentials in the area of consultancy.

3.Incentive Amount

CategoryIncentive to the consultant / Principal investigator
(ie the principal faculty)
Incentive to the supporting team members
(faculty & staff)
Date of grant of incentive
A8 % of the total grant amount, but limited to a maximum of half of annual gross salary of consultant (to be given from resources of institution)2 % of the total grant amount (On sole discretion of the consultant / principal faculty & to be given from resources of institution)After the completion of project & obtaining NOC from grant disbursing agency & auditing firm(s)
B40% of the total project grant received (this also includes all types of taxes which are applied on complete project)On sole discretion of the consultant / principal facultyAs & when grant is received
C80% of the total project grant received (this also includes all types of taxes which are applied on complete project)On sole discretion of the consultant / principal facultyAs & when grant is received

4.Important Points

4.1. Individuals or Departments shall take up projects after obtaining NOC from Director (Admin & Finance), Poornima Group via Head of Institution.

4.2. All funds in connection with above mentioned consultancy/ projects should be received in the name of the Institute only. The account will be maintained & controlled by office of Director (Admin & Finance).

4.3. The time spent by a faculty/ consultant on such projects should not exceed one day per working week plus one day during week end, thus a total of 52 man days during the calendar year.

4.4. Report(s) and data collected/ originated out of project will be the joint intellectual property of the sponsor, consultant & Poornima Group which can be used by the sponsor, consultant & institution for its own use only and cannot be disclosed to any other party without obtaining the NOC of sponsor, consultant & institution

4.5. The report of the project / consultancy will be kept by consultant for a period of 03 years from the date of closure of the project and for routine testing from the date of issue of report.

4.6. If a prima-facie case of malpractice and/or misconduct is established by a fact finding committee against a staff member in connection with project(s), the Director (Admin & Finance), on the recommendation of Head of Institution may prohibit the concerned faculty / staff member to take part in any new project as consultant till such time that a final decision is taken by the appropriate authority in the matter. However, in such cases the concerned faculty/ staff member will be expected to complete his/her obligations in the on-going project(s) with which he/she is connected, in order that the on-going projects and obligations to the sponsor do not suffer.

4.7. All purchases under projects shall be made through the Purchase Manager, Poornima Group. In case of equipment which is to be carried outside, the same should be insured before they are taken out.

4.8. The faculty may engage student(s) of Poornima as student assistants for the project work

4.9. The most expeditious and convenient mode of travel should be used to minimize period of absence from the Institute. Admissible DA or actual boarding & lodging expenses and expenses on local travel by taxi will be reimbursed against receipt.

5.Documents to maintain

Consultant faculty member through his team members will maintain:

5.1. Attendance Records of the Consultant(s), supporting staff etc. with man-hours spent during execution of project.

5.2. Inspection / Site Visit Register to record any site visit by the Consultant(s) be maintained. The suggestions rendered by the Consultant(s) during site visit along with remarks of the clients must be recorded. Further, if any expert advice by external expert is required during the Consultancy project, the same may also be recorded along with the remarks of the Consultant(s).

5.3. Salary / Payment Record of all payments made to Consultant(s), supporting staff etc.

5.4. Consumable and Non-Consumable Register for recording hire/purchase of all equipment, materials, all consumables, non-consumables items etc. and its utilization.

5.5. Travel Register to record details of all expenditure incurred on travel

5.6. Log books and Warranty/Guarantee Record: Log books be used to record number of hours, laboratory equipment or hired or purchased equipment have been used. Besides, maintain warranty/guarantee certificates and also breakdown details of equipment.

5.7. Correspondence File to maintain record of correspondence.

5.8. Agreement/Contract File to maintain complete record of all agreements, contracts, drawings and other legal document.

5.9. Work Progress Report of monthly progress report.

5.10. Any Other Document as per the requirement of the client / nature of consultancy project, etc. shall also be maintained by the Consultant(s).

At the time of completion of a consultancy project, the PI shall submit a copy of final report along with duly audited expenditure statement, utilization certificate and completion certificate from the client in the office of Registrar.

Consultancy taken by Poornima Faculty

1Saurabh SharmaInterior of office at jaipurJaipurInteriorDesign & SupervisionDec. 17- Feb-185 Lkh40000
Residance Interiorsagar MPInteriordesignOngoing July 201930Lkh1.5Lkh
Commerical Comlexsagar MPArch. SupervisionArch. SupervisionJan. 2017- Jun 201950 Lkh1.2 Lkh
2Mukul SwamiRewvation of House in tonkTonkArch. SupervisionDesign & SupervisionDec 18 – May 1910 Lkh500,000
Interior of ResidanceTonkInteriorDesign & SupervisionJune 19- may 1915 Lkh550,000
3Shivir SetiaFarm HouseAchrol, DelhiArch./ InteriorDesign & SupervisionMarch 2018- April 1943 Lkh2 Lkh
Arch.Design & SupervisionJan. 2018- Feb 201840 LKh1.5 Lkh
4Himanshu VarmaResidanceJaipurArch.Design & SupervisionDec 16- Oct 1745 Lkh1.5 Lkh
InteriorJaipurInteriorDesign & SupervisionJan. 17- Oct. 1735 Lkh1.5 Lkh
InteriorJaipurInteriorDesign & SupervisionJan. 18 – Oct. 1835 Lkh1.2 Lkh
6Neeti KhannaResidanceAjmerArchi.Design & SupervisionJan. 16- Oct. 1750 Lkh2 Lkh
7Kush Kumar SaxenaInteriorJaipurInteriordesignJune 19- Oct 198 Lkh80000
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