College Fest: Get Involved To Get Inspired!

Every college student awaits the month of January and February with as much excitement as a kid waits for the passing by candy man. Why not? These fests are spirited, engaging, challenging and everything fun, aren’t they? The fests are a testament to the college’s effort to make college life interesting and interactive for its students. Well, they do their job really well!

In this competitive era, companies are looking for professionals with not just technical bent but who are go-getters, inquisitive and ready to take up challenges. These technical fests and science hackathons offer fleeting opportunities to develop, lead by example and practice multi-tasking besides being a source of entertainment. A person with multi-dimensional facets is far more lucrative to employ than a person with energies set in one particular direction.

Like the previous years, this year too the preparations are in full swing for Lakshya. With zeal and enthusiasm in every student’s heart, you can see students volunteering for the same in numbers. While these fests are generally labelled as wonderful memories by graduates, they act as a learning curve amassing students from all works of college life together to participate and interact.

With these fests, students can showcase their talent by participating in various events ranging from physically challenging to creatively demanding. The line-up of the fest this year includes games like an open mic, singing, masquerade, races, cheese, table tennis etc. Another interesting event that is planned is Scavenger Hunt, where you would be tested in groups based on a series of tasks.

Like the previous years, the college is hoping to attract a larger base of audience and enthusiastic participants. Through this fest, a college aims to offer a wide spectrum of opportunities to students to express and exhibit their talent while bringing young professional under one roof facilitating an exchange of ideas, views, opinions and thoughts among likeminded arena. Bettering students at man management to enhancing their networking skills, this season of Lakshay has lots in store for you all. The learning that happens in the fest stands way above the classroom teaching. These moments of fun can leave lasting impressions in the minds and heart of students.

As they say, ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY! So participate in various events and take your friends by surprise, boost your confidence and enhance your leadership skills. Competing and measuring against others is a great way to better your own skills. Learn, while you have Fun!

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