Attract multiple career opportunities with a BCA Degree

A degree in computer application has a great scope in the IT industry. This three-year degree course is suitable for various career options. The content of this degree course varies from university to university. This degree course can definitely be the ladder for you to reach the top of your career. A BCA degree can help you achieve your goals with a practical approach.

There are four divisions of BCA that comprise of basic mathematics and logic building, soft skills and personality development, project work and core computing technologies. Generally, all the institutions follow a routine structure that offer agreat scope of learning to the students. There are some private universities that have introduced certificate courses which works as a great encouragement for the students to take up the career of their choice.

BCA is gaining huge popularity as a large number of IT companies are giving more preference to BCA graduates. It is claimed that the BCA graduates are capable of doing a diverse number of jobs than other graduates. In short, there are a lot of opportunities for BCA graduates in theIT industry. Another point to note is that the companies have started recruiting BCA freshers as soon as they step in the 5th semester.

A student can get a BCA degree and combined with the knowledge gained through certificate courses. This can help a student in acquiring the required skills to elevate one’s interest in developing animation and gaming software. These certificate courses are a good option for BCA students then other IT stream students. However, it is important to note that if you want to get a high paying job after completion of BCA then you must possess some extra programming skills. With a BCA degree, you can also get a job as a Web designer, Technical support engineer, Technical writer, Software sales engineer and many more.

It is really important to pursue your BCA from a reputed Institute that offers quality education. Poornima University is a place where more preference is given to practical learning so that the students can prepare to facereal time challenges with specializations as Cloud technology, information security, Mobile application, Date science & IoT.
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