Career Opportunities after studying Hotel Management

Hotel management is a great career path that one should pursue. Hotel management has grown increasingly popular and frequent as a career choice in recent years. This field is booming, and young people will be in high demand in the next years. Due to globalization, a BHM course is in high demand. You will be qualified for the greatest career responsibilities in the hotel business after earning a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management. You’ll be relieved to learn that hotel management isn’t just restricted to working in hotels. Students who complete a hotel management program have the potential to work in a variety of industries.
  • Hotel Operations Manager: By the name, you must have understood here the person has to manage day-to-day things. He is basically in charge of total activities which are undergone in all departments of the hotel. The students or candidates can start working as managers and supervisors under some operational managers in the hotel.
  • Chef/Sous Chef: This person is basically the boss of the kitchen or the king there. The Executive Chef is the professional term for the head chef, and he is in control of the kitchen. The candidates holding a degree of this course have options to choose among various opportunities. Sous Chef is a different term. This position usually denotes the second chef, who is in charge of creating the menu, preparing various cuisines, and directing subordinates. So, while the Executive Chef is not present, the Sous Chef is in charge of the entire kitchen.
  • Event coordinator/planner: Yes, there is more to Hotel Management than meets the eye. Gone are the days when hotel management was viewed solely as a means of advancing one’s career as a chef. In today’s industry, there are a plethora of career opportunities. Whether national or worldwide, the course will lead you down the proper road, allowing you to explore many aspects of the area. As a result, once you’ve completed your degree, you’ll be able to work for any event management team or organization.
  • Catering Manager: One of the changes in the hospitality business is in the catering section. Students are also taught the fundamentals of several functions in hotel management, including catering, during the degree. The training is important as it is basically a process that gives practical as well as theoretical information. As a result, the applicants can work as catering managers in a variety of settings, including hotels, clubs, airlines, resorts, restaurants, and motels. He can also choose to work in other departments like food and beverages, housekeeping, relations with guests, health facilities, and the human resources department.
  • Sommelier-in-Chief: A sommelier is a person who manages the wine supply. He chooses the main wine for the restaurant and designs the whole menu. The top sommelier is the expert one he mixes the wine along with several delicacies. Nowadays they are in high demand among most famous restaurants and luxury hotels.
  • Tour Guide: Some of the world’s most prestigious hotels have begun to offer in-house tour guides. These tour guides’ responsibilities include transporting guests to and from attractions, describing the cultural significance of the locations, providing an overview of historical references, and so on.
Stewards: A steward is a person who is responsible for looking after passengers on a ship, plane, or train. Restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, clubs, banquets, railroads, and resorts are just a few of the places where people work. At Poornima University, we warmly welcome all the young aspiring students to join the hotel management program that will shape your successful future. We hope our designed programs provide the right skill set you need for booming in the hotel industry.
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