Residential Facilites



To facilitate convenience for outstation students, PU provides excellent hostel facilities which come closest to being ‘A home away from home’.

Poornima University has 2 Hostel namely: Himalaya Boys Hostel and Gargi Girls Hostel, students with two lifts in each Hostel and a centralized girl’s hostel of Poornima Foundation with more than 650 students. Students from 16 states reside in Poornima University hostel. Rooms are well equipped with air cooling system, mess facilities, canteen, stationary shops, ATMs, solar heated water, departmental stores, internet connection, laundry services, gym, indoor and outdoor games, caring wardens and a tight security ensure a pleasant stay allowing students to focus on academics. The housekeeping staff is available throughout the week to take care of cleaning of rooms, corridors and restrooms on a daily basis. All the hostels have facilities for emergency purpose. Hostels are well connected with the city Railway Station, Bus Stand, Airport, some of the youth prominent spots like World Trade Park, Gaurav Tower, Chokhi Dhani, Entertainment paradise etc.Read more..



Separate guest rooms are also available for visiting parents/guardians. There are also separate residential apartments for faculty and staff.



Mess facility is an integral part of the campus which provides nutritious homely food to all hostellers, day scholars, faculty & staff members and visitors. It provides 4 meals a day – quality food is prepared under strict hygienic conditions. The food is served in the dining area keeping all the sensitivities in consideration.

  • All the hostel mess serves Vegetarian Food only and operates in self-service mode.
  • The menu of the items is designed considering the requirements of the students and nutrition is added to make it healthy and complete.
  • We offer morning tea with regular breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and tea, dinner and milk to all hostellers.

Mess caters to the tastes of the students of different region and students with varied food preferences. However there are certain guidelines which are to be followed while planning the meals. Mess menu is planned and managed by the management in consultation with the students.



At Poornima University canteen, students get various choices of dishes to get rid of the stress from the day-long studies schedule. With exquisite interiors and exotic menu, a well-furnished and spacious cafeteria is located in the heart of the campus. Most of the day, the canteen is chock-a-block with patrons looking to grab a delicious snack, a refreshing cup of coffee or a cold drink to beat the heat. In the late evenings, the canteen acts as an alternate eating place for those desiring a change from the regular mess food. You will find several groups of students and staff engaged in deep conversation, enjoying a tasty, affordable Vegetarian Snack. The hostel is catered by the same canteen offering variety of snacks available at reasonable prices in a very clean environment for the students.



Poornima University has a co-operative store in the premises where books, stationery, cosmetics and daily needs too, are available at reasonable prices.



ATMs of Corporation Bank is available at the entrance of Poornima University campus.

The health care centre facilities for the students are provided by a multi facility 24/7 hospital near the Poornima University campus which provides treatment at a nominal cost. Apart from that, Poornima University has a dedicated General physician and an Ambulance.



Poornima University has a sprawling sports ground and a hydraulic gymnasium. The spacious outdoor court has capability of accommodating 400 meters standard track, including a lobby to play cricket, football, basketball, tennis and handball. To install the habit of physical exercise, a sophisticated hydraulic gymnasium has been added up with other facilities. The treadmills, vibrating belts and multi-gym apparatus adorn this new inclusion.



The security of the students is of prime importance to us. We have employed efficient staff for our students to ensure that the hostel remains under a vigilant watch round the clock. Regular attendance is taken to keep a personal check on every student by the wardens. All the hostels have close circuit night vision cameras and a specially formulated smart cards given to each student which they use every time to enter and exit the premises. Adequate parking facility is available inside the premises for the hostellers.



Catering to a large number of day-scholars, the University runs a fleet of 11 buses and 1 Van for the convenience of its students and faculty. Students are charged a subsidized transportation fee for this facility. The buses cover several routes in Jaipur. University places a high premium on the safety, hygiene and punctuality of its transport system. The University takes great pains to ensure these key factors, and has appointed a dedicated Transportation Department to monitor the performance of the service. In addition, the University has a fleet of cars and vans for backup transport. When some students are required to stay back late for training, workshops, extracurricular activities or organizational activities, the University ensures that their transportation is taken care of by this fleet.

The hostellers are provided transportation at very nominal rates throughout the year for coaching classes like GATE, Competitive Exams, and Programming Languages etc. The other facilities are: Separate buses for staff and students, Bus facility for Industrial visit, Bus facility to take students to examination centres, Full provision of back up service in place to avoid any breakdown, Free Transport facility to employees.



Poornima University is the only institution in Rajasthan to provide RO water to its residents. The RO water purifier is installed in each hostel. The benefits of RO water are:

  • Reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier is the best solution for treating hard water.
  • RO water purifier removes toxin such as lead, mercury, Fluoride, Arsenic, Chlorine which case human body to be ill. Lead metal can cause brain damage and anaemia.
  • RO water filter is great for removing commonly found Cryptosporidium in lake, river and public supply water.


Poornima University provides laundry service to all students residing in hostels on payment of nominal fee. Students should give only their own clothes for washing to laundry service. It is mandatory for all residents of hostels to avail this facility and pay the corresponding fee for availing this service.