B. Arch- The Best Course to Start Your Architecture Career.

With a rise in industrialisation and urbanisation, the requirement for building highways, housing complexes, smart cities, skyscrapers etc has also been rising. Hence, a massive demand for a talented workforce could reasonably be expected. And B.Arch could be your first step towards this growing domain. Let us give you a download of the course details including the eligibility, suitability and career prospects. What is B.Arch? B. Arch is an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in Architecture. It involves the study of theoretical and practical aspects involving the principles of planning, designing and construction of physical structures of various kinds. The course provides the students with the skills necessary to be a qualified architect. Who Should Join B. Arch? If you think an architect’s role is just to give drawings and sketches, you need to think twice. Well, prima facie might appear so, but you need to understand that architects do so much more than that. They design and plan buildings and structures that are safe, functional, and pleasing to the eye. As an architect, you will be involved in every step along the way- from planning to completion. So, if you have a flair for sketching and the buildings around you inspire and put you into awe, then B. Arch is the perfect course for you. What are the Subjects in B. Arch? The various subjects taught in B.Arch include Architectural Design, Theory of Structures, Design Fundamentals of Architecture, Technical Communication, Basic Design, Building Technology & Materials. The subjects aim to provide the basic foundation and advanced knowledge in visualisation and drafting, construction technology, design of various physical structures. What are the Best Colleges and Universities for B.Arch? Ranked as one of the top 7 private architecture colleges in India (Ranked by Outlook -Jun 2019, The School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), Poornima University- approved by the Council of Architecture (COA) is an excellent college. B.Arch at PU is a 5-year undergraduate course focusing on the blend of the academic curriculum with practical approach, design, creativity & objectivity. The curriculum has been designed by seasoned academicians and experts, keeping in mind the global industry standards. And course topics include a combination of architectural history and theory, computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) and building and construction. You will also learn how to draw and create 3D models. Seminars, live case studies, site visits, onsite workshops, measured drawing camps, building documentation & research projects, market surveys and study tours form a major part of the curriculum to impart practical field exposure. Students are given opportunities to interact with reputed academicians, eminent architects and urban planners like Peter Rich, Raj Rewal, Dean D Cruz and Rahul Mehrotra among others. Students are also prepared for participation in extracurricular and co-curricular activities like global design competitions and events. What are the Future Prospects After Doing B.Arch? After completing B. Arch from PU, you can opt for further education and do M.Arch or PhD with specialisation in fields like Environmental Planning, Infrastructural Planning or Urban and Housing Planning. A B.Arch graduate from PU also has a wide range of employment opportunities in the government and private sectors. Alternatively, you can choose to self-practice. SPA is the only School of Architecture in Rajasthan to offer placement to its students in big organizations like Pinnacle Infotech, Arinem Consultancy, Veritas Architects and many more. Some of the roles that you can take up are : Building Surveyor Landscape Architect Consultant Project Manager Project Supervisor Design Architect Building Inspector Restoration Specialist Teacher/Instructor Explore our website https://www.poornima.edu.in to know more about the course, the admission process and the fee structure.
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