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Importance of Hotel Management Course in the Current Era

Every day, new hotels and restaurants are emerging owing to the demands of the millennial, their changing lifestyle, and an increase in tourism. The government is also reforming and making massive investments in the Hotel sector to facilitate its growth.
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An Achievement Par Excellence: PU awarded GPTS Certificate

“Small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results.” With immense pleasure, we announce that Poornima University has been certified as a ‘Great Place to Study’ 2019-2020. The 5th GLI Certification Ceremony will take place at the House of Commons,
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Why International Students Should Come to India?

Why Should India Be Your First Choice for Higher Education? The scope of higher education and technical studies at Indian universities has been advancing progressively warranting academic excellence. Every year, a considerable magnitude of scholar base from around the world
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Poornima Fashion Designing Course: Your Journey From Sketch To Runway Begins Here.

‘To learn fashion design is to light a fire, every thread sewn and every fabric cut unveils a story untold.’ Most professional courses emphasize on learning, but the primary prerequisite for a fashion designing course is ‘inspiration.’ As Coco Chanel
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How Academics Benefit From IBM Workshops?

In this extremely competitive business marketplace, it is essential for students to focus on new development and innovation to broaden their horizon, keeping them active and smart. For this reason, universities collaborate with multiple organisations and MNCs to organise workshops
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Role of University in Student’s Placement

Placement is a decisive factor of successful completion of any coursework at the graduate or postgraduate level. It is a dream of every student to get placed in top MNCs to achieve their set goals and objectives. Aiming to place
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The flight to Quality in the Management Marketplace

After liberalization in 1991, the private sector started to blossom, and the demands for MBA shot up. The new companies of that time paid a handsome amount to the young minds for putting their traditional, family-held business on fast track.
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The Changing Face of College Demographics: For Enhanced Campus Experience

They say knowledge is immaterial, it is beyond the requirement of bricks and cement. However, today reality is clear and flagrant. Innovative classrooms, advanced computer labs, creative spaces etc. work together to accelerate the academic experience of students. While the
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Excellence in Faculty Award Poornima

The faculty is the backbone of any institution. The way the faculty members teach has a seminal influence on what the students learn. The role of the faculty and their competency in the transactional processes of educational curriculum remain crucial
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Advantages of being a student athlete

Participating in college athletics is fun as well as exciting and there is a lot that sports can teach you. It teaches you honesty, acceptance, sportsman spirit and teamwork. Being a student-athlete will make you feel like an allrounder, thus
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