Architecture: A Nexus of This Evolving World

“We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us”!

In this era, when the world is rediscovering itself and when every day a new development is taking place, architecture has become the tool of this ever-advancing fast pacing world. In fact, it is the architecture which is leading the changes happening in the world.

Since time immemorial, architecture has been the central point of the very being of existence. It has been the most appropriate reflections of our culture, be it the Pharaohs of Egypt or the Eiffel tower of Paris. However, the only change is, modern-day architecture is concerned with and focused on creating a good quality environment which is modern yet sustainable at the same time.

The ever-increasing urbanization has led to a dramatic increase in the need of statement architecture. Statement architecture today, is all about urban realities and urban requirements.

Let’s see how major trends in architecture have become the focal point of this changing world;

  • Plant Covered Building: As bizarre as this may sound, architects are coming up with new and innovative ways to including sustainability in this modern-day architecture. According to research, a building in Shanghai will be covered with foliage dispersed across 1000 columnar planters. A newer and greener way of creating some new, right?
  • Shipping Containers: Bricks and cement are being replaced by shipping containers. From football stadiums to bathtubs, almost everything is getting revamped.
  • Invisible Architecture: A science fiction design ironically is becoming a reality. Architects are focusing on creating invisibility illusions through hi-tech LED façade systems using cameras to send real-time images into a buildings reflective surface.
  • Compostable Towers and Buildings: An applause-worthy trend in itself, architects now are focusing on creating temporary structures using bio-design incorporated organic material. Bricks, which are the most basic components of the architecture are reinvented with organic material made from corn stalks, making it a material of the future.
  • Rotating Skyscrapers: This visual feast is worth waiting for, where all the floors of the building would be rotating. A sight in itself!

It’s amazing to see what all a man’s mind is capable of doing, for they have gone far and beyond. Good designs require good and professional education to help one stay relevant in this evolving world. Aspiring students can enrol in Poornima University and channelize their dream in a productive way. Make your passion come alive with US!

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