An Overview of all the Events & Programs at Poornima University

There is no denial of the fact that the social and intellectual fabric of your university’s campus is shaped by college events. Whether it appears so or not, every college or university has students who are looking for active ways to participate in college life. Especially, the freshers are looking for new and authentic ways to interact and learn more about the university. The students enjoy using trending hashtags and slogans in upcoming events. Basically, events are like added spice to college life. Here let us know about the various events and programs that are held at Poornima University. Lakshya – College Annual Fest The largest event of the year, Lakshya, is simply icing on the cake. It is a three-day event for students that includes a variety of activities. A renowned personality serves as the chief guest at the inauguration of the festival, which takes place on the college premises disclosing the winner’s trophy. The festival includes over 40 contests for all students and visitors, including athletic, cultural, and club events, with attractive prizes and certificates, as well as a special event of Celebrity Night on the final day. The Guest of Honour conducts the lighting of the “LAKSHYA” Mashaal, after which the Mashaal is formally handed over to the students.  The festival begins with a flurry of excitement among the students, who are eager to welcome and compete with students from 35 plus colleges across the country. Fashion Show, Duet Retro, Karaoke, Group Dance, Angry Birds, Scavenger Hunt, Junkyard Wars, Theatre, Graffiti Art, and other events are the highlights. Aside from that, the students demonstrate their creativity by participating in club activities such as mehndi, rangoli making, and sketching. The much-anticipated Celebrity Night have a hypnotic effect on the audience, as the singers force them to sing along to their tunes, greatly increasing the festival’s fun factor. Darshan Raval, Shameless Mani, Lost Story, and more superstars have been invited to play at the concerts.  The “Fashion Show,” is very colorful and the most popular event since the students participate in large numbers with a lot of preparation. They are highly motivated and want to win which can be seen in their performance and gait. They love the group solo dance, and even faculty members participate in several of the fest activities. Harley Davidson, Millennium Travels, Pizza Hut,, Meru Cabs, Keys Marigold Hotels, Shades Salons, Strawberry,, Paws & Think, and others are among the many corporate sponsors.  In Sports Events – Basketball, football, 100 and 200-meter races, table tennis, carom, shot put, and chess is among the many indoor and outdoor sports activities arranged on the first day. Throughout this, the teams demonstrate peeks and examples of teamwork and participation. The audience is treated to a few surprises like superb sports and can attest to the athletes’ competitive attitude. The general atmosphere of the event was packed with emotions, a sporting approach, and a competitive spirit, celebratory spirit, particularly the competitiveness among the several universities that take part in a lot of numbers. There is also a winner trophy like AIU and Santosh Trophy given to the winners of various sports events.  Along with the fest, there are many other programs such as freshers and farewell parties which are held every year for the ex-students and freshies. On big festivals like Diwali, Holi, and several others – the university arranges cultural events where in there are folk dances, music, classical dances, theatres, and dandiya night. At Poornima University, we warmly welcome all the young aspiring students to join the campus and get into your favourite programs that will shape your minds and careers for future relevel. We hope our different events enhance the social and cultural skills of our students. If you want to be a part of our fest and events join our university and celebrate like a family. 
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