An Achievement Par Excellence: PU awarded GPTS Certificate

“Small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results.”

With immense pleasure, we announce that Poornima University has been certified as a ‘Great Place to Study’ 2019-2020. The 5th GLI Certification Ceremony will take place at the House of Commons, London on 17th June 2019.

Great Place to Study Research Institute is a leading education auditing and recognition platform that is aimed at uplifting educational institutes globally. Great Place to study was established to revolutionize the educational standards by helping universities to attain new age excellence in learning. This global education research organisation rates and certifies universities on satisfaction surveys. Established in 2014, it is the first international platform that focuses on student satisfaction and accredits the colleges on the same parameters. Operating out of Delhi, London and Manila, they are spread across 23 countries.

This achievement is exemplary in itself and speaks volumes of the standards our university has set for its students. Certification of such kind motivates educational institutes like us to promote, nurture, and embrace excellence, innovation, and quality. Maintaining global standards in education has become imperative in this globally connected world of today.

India is a rapidly evolving country wherein high-quality education is still the most crucial aspect. With the largest youth population, India can be at the forefront to drive change and development.

As we can conclude, India has become a favourite destination among the youth for higher studies. It is because the Indian universities are continuously developing programmes to harness the youth potential and make them the catalysts of change. Efforts are put to modernize the current education standards, raise education satisfaction levels, enhanced skills for the youth, increase participation, etc.

Keeping in line with such developments, we, at Poornima University ensure that we create a cohesive culture wherein every student, every teacher, every member feels a part of us; their voices are heard, and their requirements are met. Maintaining our quality in curriculum, lectures, and courses, we also focus on programs that are committed to developing the personality of the students.

We also ensure our classrooms embody a spirit that make learning a fun, ongoing, and interactive process. Investing in facilities and equipment, we believe practical learning is as important as theoretical, thus are programmes emphasize on both equally. Our programmes are updated continuously to raise the standards in education and learning.

Such certification has boosted our endeavor further. Ranked as the best university in Rajasthan, we promise that we shall continue to contribute, in the best of our capacity to raise the bar up and high. We shall continue to prove that we are ‘great place to study.’

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