Advantages of being a student athlete

Participating in college athletics is fun as well as exciting and there is a lot that sports can teach you. It teaches you honesty, acceptance, sportsman spirit and teamwork. Being a student-athlete will make you feel like an allrounder, thus increasing your self-confidence. An athlete will also build physical strength and perseverance while practicing drills for the sports event.

Below are 5 advantages of being a student-athlete:

1) Getting to represent your university:

It is a great feeling to represent your own university while competing with other universities. It is a proud moment for you as well as the students of the university. Imagine how great you will feel when the students, alumni and teachers of your university will be cheering for you?

2) You automatically make a group of friends:

There are so many students in the university and sports is one of the many events, that help you connect with a few students whom you might never have interacted with, otherwise. As a student athlete you will not have to worry about making friends, in fact, you will find a new family in your teammates.

3) You will know how to handle failure:

It will never be the case where in you will win all the events in which you participate. Some you will win and some you will lose. Losing will always teach you more than what winning the game will teach you. It will teach you to handle the pressure, the criticism and more importantly to handle failure. It will teach you to move on from the failure and believe in yourself when you succeed the next time.

4) Interact with different people:

As a student-athlete, you will get a chance to represent your universities while competing with students from other universities. You can always interact with students from other universities and become friends with them. This way, you will get to interact with students from different cities, culture and background.

5) You become an allrounder:

If you are a student-athlete, then others will have a good impression of you in their mind. They will think that you have great time management skills and can balance your sports as well as academics. This will show great in your CV and can land you a good college for higher studies or provide you with a better job opportunity.

At Poornima University ( ), we always encourage students to participate in sports activities and become a talented allrounder.
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