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School of Management & Commerce, is Constituent of Poornima University, Jaipur. Established in 2010, a premier B School in India, SMC Poornima University is consistently ranked among the best B Schools of the country. School of Management & Commerce, Poornima University is recognized for its excellence in academics and its valuable contributions to industry and society and students.

Any business professional today needs to be well versed with the industry knowledge and action the insights accordingly for the betterment of the company. School of Management & Commerce is one of the best Management Schools in India, which seeks the best for every student by bringing self and professional development together with academics. We encourage students to take advantage of the best education and experiences during MBA, BBA & B.Com course specialization. The professors provide a mentored valuable learning experience to all the students. These experiences will prepare the students for the challenges in the real world, which will help them climb up the corporate ladder in no time. They push the students to their best potential self. The course is in-sync with the latest industry happenings and practices. The students are exposed to the best training in in their field of study. The diverse range of studies will ensure the best career prospects for the students wherever they go.



To produce globally competitive and socially sensitive professionals in the areas of management and commerce by imparting value-based education, research and innovative pedagogy to lead economic and social development of the society.


  • Disseminating knowledge of management through a portfolio of educational programs and publications.
  • Promote a culture of academic excellence benchmarked against the best institutions in its peer group.
  • Continuously develop the curriculum to match international standards along with its content.
  • Provide student – centric learning environment through high quality teaching and innovative pedagogy.
  • Establishing a transparent, scientific and impartial examination / evaluation system to ensure fair certification process.
  • Implement the Outcome Based Education starting from designing the syllabus to delivery of the content to attainment.
  • Promote industry – institute partnerships for academic & research collaboration and share knowledge for innovation and development.
  • Organize various National / International Seminars / Workshops / Management Games/ Quizzes / Conferences by partnering with various corporate stalwarts and faculties from various elite academic institutes in order to abreast on latest management trends and develop the corporate culture & habits among the students
  • Organize various sessions, seminars in order to promote entrepreneurial ideas among the students.
  • Promote disciplined and ethical environment among all the stakeholders.

Program Educational Objectives


Graduates of program will successfully integrate core, cross-functional and inter-disciplinary aspects of management theories, models and frameworks with the real world practices and the sector specific nuances to provide solutions to real world business, policy and social issues in a dynamic and complex world.


Graduates of the program will possess excellent communication skills, excel in cross-functional, multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural teams, and have an appreciation for local, domestic and global contexts so as to manage continuity, change, risk, ambiguity and complexity.


Graduates of the program will be appreciative of the significance of Indian ethos and values in managerial decision making and exhibit value centered leadership.


Graduates of the program will be ready to engage in successful career pursuits covering a broad spectrum of areas in corporate, non-profit organizations, public policy, entrepreneurial ventures and engage in life-long learning.


Graduates of the program will be recognized in their chosen fields for their managerial competence, creativity & innovation, integrity & sensitivity to local and global issues of social relevance and earn the trust & respect of others as inspiring, effective and ethical leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and change agents.

Program Outcomes

PO1: Generic and Domain Knowledge:

Ability to articulate, illustrate, analyze, synthesize and apply the knowledge of principles and frameworks of management and allied domains to the solutions of real-world complex business issues.

PO2: Problem Solving & Innovation:

Ability to Identify, formulate and provide innovative solution frameworks to real world complex business and social problems by systematically applying modern quantitative and qualitative problem solving tools and techniques.

PO3: Critical Thinking:

Ability to conduct investigation of multidimensional business problems using research based knowledge and research methods to arrive at data driven decisions.

PO4: Effective Communication:

Ability to effectively communicate in cross-cultural settings, in technology mediated environments, especially in the business context and with society at large.

PO5: Leadership and Team Work:

Ability to collaborate in an organizational context and across organizational boundaries and lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals and optimize outcomes for all stakeholders.

PO6: Global Orientation and Cross-Cultural Appreciation:

Ability to approach any relevant business issues from a global perspective and exhibit an appreciation of Cross Cultural aspects of business and management.

PO7: Entrepreneurship:

Ability to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and leverage managerial & leadership skills for founding, leading & managing startups as well as professionalizing and growing family businesses.

PO8: Environment and Sustainability:

Ability to demonstrate knowledge of and need for sustainable development and assess the impact of managerial decisions and business priorities on the societal, economic and environmental aspects.

PO9:Social Responsiveness and Ethics:

Ability to exhibit a broad appreciation of the ethical and value underpinnings of managerial choices in a political, cross-cultural, globalized, digitized, socio-economic environment and distinguish between ethical and unethical behaviors & act with integrity.

PO10: Life Long Learning:

Ability to operate independently in new environment, acquire new knowledge and skills and assimilate them into the internalized knowledge and skills.

Program Specific Outcomes


    1. Ranked one amongst top 100 Private best B School in the country (source – The Week, 3rd November, 2019)
    2. Ranked one amongst top 30 Private B Schools of North Zone (source – The Week, 3rd November, 2019)
    3. Ranked one amongst top 80 B Schools in India in terms of Return on Investment – ROI (Source – Business Today, 3rd Nov 2019)
    4. Syllabus is developed in line with industry expectations
    5. Students are trained by Industry experts and academicians coming from all over India as guide by side
    6. Best Internship and Placement in blue-chip companies.
    7. Regular interaction with industry stalwarts in the form of seminar, guest lectures, workshops etc.
    8. Preferred choice of institution by students in the state of Rajasthan, seats are filled on the first day of counseling
    9. Core faculty with industry and academic background, Adjunct faculty from industry
    10. Merit based scholarships up to 90% of tuition fee
    11. Entrepreneurship cell to foster New business ideas
    12. Mentorship, Tutor-Tutee approach and counselling
    13. Study abroad & semester exchange programs with numerous international universities of Australia, USA & Europe
    14. Our student body is diverse – spanning adults at different career phases and from a multitude of sectors.

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