A career in cloud or game Technology: Must-have skills for Engineers

Graduation is a way towards polishing your interest. Being a student it becomes your responsibility to make a rational decision about opting for an appropriate field to do your graduation. As it sets the base for your upcoming career. Students who belong to the science stream usually pursue engineering. These days there are several fields you can opt to become an engineer. If you are a tech-nerd then you should enhance yourself in cloud or game technology as in this technical era it can be proved as a boon to the students. Here in the article, crucial skills that are needed for engineers to make a career in cloud or game technology are discussed. 

The must-have skills in a cloud or game technology career are:

You need to update your coding game

Cloud computing is a specialized profession, knowledge of coding is a prerequisite before entering this line of work. Programming languages like Python, PHP, Java, and .NET are some of the examples that students must have a good command of. Ruby and Pearl are some of the modern computer languages for someone who is already good at writing coding. In recent years these languages gained great popularity as they are open-source programming languages. Being a developer it is a must to build, deploy, and run programs on the cloud ecosystem. In simple terms, an individual needs to know how to code well to pursue a successful career in cloud computing.

Knowledge of managing databases is a must

Data of potential customers is secured in database platforms that are needed to be managed on time and again. These days most databases are cloud-based platforms, so you need to know how to extract suitable information out of these databases. Information like geographic locations, gender, age, email addresses, and phone numbers can easily be recovered and delivered to the business. This makes the marketing process more effortless for companies to target forthcoming buyers.  

Get the right certifications

To jump-start, a career in cloud computing, it is needed to enroll in relevant courses. There are many software certifications by Microsoft and Amazon that offer online training material to boost the career in cloud computing. Some of the certifications which can help to stand out as a cloud computing engineer are:
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification
  • Google Cloud Certification
Completing these certifications will improve your knowledge of cloud computing. 

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Understanding related to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) would boost your cloud computing career in the upcoming years. Introducing yourself to platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure will help you know more about AI and machine learning implementations through documentation and online training material.   Conclusion:  Cloud and game technology can be the best option to opt for getting a long-term settled career. This can play a significant role in the life of the students who are interestingly chasing technological upgrades.  Poornima University is offering a full-time BSc. course in Animation & VFX, Gaming, Augmented & Virtual reality,  that will help the students to raise their expertise in this industry. You can get great opportunities after getting enrolled in the courses and also get several new things to learn and explore. Visit this link to get to know more about courses available at Poornima University: https://www.poornima.edu.in/online/
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