5 Things That Make Hospitality Management A Dream Job

Albert Einstein said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” A hospitality management job offers creative challenges packed with a good dose of excitement and fun. In recent years, the strong paced growth in the hospitality industry has opened up new lucrative career prospects for the students. Travel and tourism industry has been the fastest-growing industries in the 21st century. And as the saying goes, ‘More Rooms means More jobs,’ there will never be a better time to become a part of this rapidly-growing industry. Here are the 5 things that make hospitality management a dream job.

1. Fast Track Growth

Modern lifestyle is continuously evolving, and the hospitality industry must keep reinventing itself to match up to the demands and needs of 21st-century travelers. As such, the industry today offers unique and diverse job profiles with ample growth opportunities. Further, the need to provide more personalized services to customers is driving new technology adoption like AI, mobile apps, analytics, etc. Expect the industry to offer lucrative opportunities to learn, adapt, and grow in the coming future too.

Image 2. Promise of Security

In 2018, the hospitality industry grew at a growth rate of 3.9% outpacing even the global GDP for the eighth consecutive year. In this period, the sector recorded 319 million new jobs. The trend is expected to continue in the coming years too as the travel and tourism industry is one of the few industries that is expected to report no job loss from disruptive technologies like AI, Automation, etc. A job in the hospitality industry requires a plethora of management and soft skills which have the lowest AP or automation potential. To put it in simple terms. Hospitality management jobs cannot be replaced by machines.

3. A Universal Experience

The skill sets desired by employers in the travel and tourism industry are universal. Customer experience is eccentric to success in the hospitality industry, making students with exceptional soft skills highly sought after. Further with time, one can gain experience in other aspects of hospitality management like finance, HR management, communications, etc. These, coupled with exceptional soft skills, open job opportunities in tourist centers like Dubai, Australia, London, etc.

4. A Dream Workplace

Hospitality management is one of the few industry sectors that offer the opportunity to see the world while you work. On the happiness scale, few industries offer job satisfaction as the hospitality industry does. Hard work and dedication are well rewarded, and employees get fair opportunities to learn and grow. Not to forget the fact that one gets to work at some of the most exquisite locations rich in natural beauty and luxury. Most working in the hospitality industry does not feel like working at all.

5. Develop Marketable Skills

Last but not least, the perks of working in the hospitality industry go far beyond luxury and happiness. One gets the opportunity to develop marketable skills with increased employability within and outside the industry. Some of these skills include the ability to tactfully resolve management conflicts, multitask and meet deadlines, pay attention to detail, and leadership.

The hospitality industry, with its diverse needs, offers various well-paying career options. A degree in hotel management from a reputed university can be the key to a very fulfilling career. In the past, expert hotel management courses were limited; however, today, universities like Poornima University are offering one of the most well-structured and job oriented hospitality management courses in Rajasthan . Our course curriculum covers all aspects of the hospitality industry ranging from training to recruitment. Please visit the link for further details on admissions, training, and placements.
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