Month: April 2022

Importance of EQ for students in the Era of AI

The limitless growth of artificial intelligence (AI) is, in many ways, a double-edged sword. AI proponents tout promising improvements in customer service, data processing capabilities, and decision-making capabilities. On the other hand, critics are quickly drawn to the widespread impact
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How to Prepare Yourself to Compete Against AI?

Artificial intelligence is almost everywhere to make life easier and more efficient with the ability to automate processes and procedures. However, as AI becomes more prominent in the workplace, concerns are growing that it may displace people in various roles.
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Importance of Soft Skills for Students

Students of today’s era are the future employers and employees of beneficiary global businesses. For students to deem as promising assets to multinational organizations, they must invest in nurturing what is labeled as soft skills. Thus, if you are looking
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