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Transport facility

Catering to a large number of day-scholars, the University runs a fleet of 18 Swaraj Mazda buses,2 cars,4 Vans and an Ambulance for the convenience of its students and faculty. Students are charged a subsidized transportation fee for this facility. The buses cover several routes in Jaipur.University places a high premium on the safety, hygiene and punctuality of its transport system. The University takes great pains to ensure these key factors, and has appointed a dedicated Transportation Department to monitor the performance of the service. In addition, the University has a fleet of cars and vans for backup transport. When some students are required to stay back late for training, workshops, extracurricular activities or organizational activities, the University ensures that their transportation is taken care of by this fleet.

The hostlers are provided free transpotation throughout the year for coaching classes like GATE,Competitive Exams,Programming Languages,etc.