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Poornima JIET Education Foundation


Poornima JIET Education Foundation is an umbrella advisory organization for Poornima Foundation (PF), Jaipur and JIET Group of Institutions (JGI), Jodhpur.

Shanti Education Society, the promoters of all Poornima institutions have been working for academic excellence at all levels. The following institutions are part of Poornima Foundation, Jaipur

1. Poornima College of Engineering (PCE), established in year 2000;
2. Poornima Institute of Engineering & Technology (PIET), established in year 2007;
3. Poornima Group of Institutions (PGI), established in year 2009;
4. Poornima University (PU), established in year 2012.

Arun Shanti Education Trust is the promoting body of JIET group of institutions at Jodhpur. It promotes professional education through following institutions at Jodhpur.

1. Jodhpur Institute of Engineering & Technology (JIET), established in year 2003;
2. JIET School of Management (JIET SOM), established in the year 2006;
3. JIET College of Engineering (JIET COE), established in the year 2007;
4. JIET College of Nursing (JIET CON), established in the year 2015.

Realizing that intellectual competitiveness is vital to India in achieving the status of a vibrant global leader in the growing knowledge age and technical and management education has created for itself a critical niche area, the PJ Foundation, as an umbrella body, will devote itself to formulation of desired policies and providing broad directions, guidance and support to the managements of the participating colleges. The endeavor will be to develop and implement mechanisms and practices to supplement engineering/technical education with knowledge of management and social sciences and inculcate interpersonal skills so as to make the students more enterprising and competitively oriented. The PJ Foundation will serve as a ‘think tank’ to deliberate on all aspects of technical/ professional education and reorientation of approach/ practices adopted for the efficient management of the colleges/ institutions. The Foundation is also committed to providing quality research in technology and management and their specialized areas.

Padma Bhushan Shri D.R. Mehta
Former Dy. Governor, Reserve Bank of India
Former Chairman, SEBI
Dr. Vijay Pal Singh
Professor, Texas A & M University
Prof. Kanta Ahuja
Ex-VC, MDS University, Ajmer
Ex-VC, Poornima University
Sh. Inderjeet Khanna
Former Chief Secretary
Government of Rajasthan
Dr. S.S. Acharya
Former Director
Institute of Development Studies
Sh. Vinod K. Ladia
Chairman& MD
Prof. Vishwanath Sinha
Former Professor, IIT Kanpur
Former Director, LNMIT
Member Secretary
Dr. S.M. Seth
Chairman (Emeritus), Poornima Foundation
Chancellor (Emeritus), Poornima University