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One of the biggest complaints among college students is that they get bored with their cafeteria food, but in PU cafeteria, students get various choices of dishes to get rid of the stress from the day-long studies’ schedule. With exquisite interiors and exotic menu, a well furnished and spacious cafeteria is located in the heart of the campus.
In addition to the mess, Poornima University has a central cafeteria, with ample seating space. Most of the day, the cafeteria is chock-a-block with patrons looking to grab a delicious snack, a refreshing cup of coffee or a cold drink to beat the heat. In the late evenings, the cafeteria acts as an alternate eating place for those desiring a change from the regular mess food. You will find several groups of students and staff engaged in deep conversation, enjoying a tasty, affordable Vegetarian Snack.

  • Well lit and Spacious Hall
  • Esthetically Furnished
  • Exquisite Interior
  • Branded Packed Food
  • Healthy & Fresh preparation
  • Palatable & Piping Hot Snacks
  • Nutritive Beverages
  • Never serve food that expires