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Academic Alliances

International Collaboration with AIT, Thailand

Globalization affects many sectors of society. Higher education is no exception. Universities worldwide respond to challenges presented by globalization in various ways.

One response is the internationalization of the university campus.

Universities represent the traditional source of knowledge in society. They provide an environment that generates ideas, skills, and inventions, all components of knowledge. Universities constantly face pressure to conform to the needs of society, however what makes universities unique is their power to withstand times of change, and time after time, reemerge as the key providers of knowledge.

that’s why Poornima University is been an active member of ISTE, Institution of Engineers, IEEE, ISLE, IEE, ISHRAE, NEN, AIESEC & CII from the day of its establishment.

Poornima University believes in imparting education with a global vision, providing a platform where people from different cultures, nationalities and age group can meet and can broaden their academic & cultural experiences.

Envisioning this, Poornima University has taken a step forward and has collaborated with ASIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (AIT), Thailand. The MoU has been drawn up and agreed upon to establish corporation between Poornima Foundation and AIT to establish student exchange programmes & academic alliances that will help the Poornima University to serve its purpose better and enhance its academic standards.

MoU includes overall exposure of students & faculties by international exchange programs, which will enhance the personality and knowledge including feel of happenings outside the country in the field of business management and practices, advancing or changing at global level.There will be joint International conferences, workshops, seminars which will be conducted in India or Thailand to give a virtual experience to different cultural, educational & business environment and learning of international market.

International Collaboration with Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea

The Hanyang University Business School (HUBS), an international institute of higher learning, was established in 1939 to cultivate talent bestowed with diligence, honesty, modesty and devotion in accordance to the “Love in Truth and in Deed” principle and educational philosophy. HYU’s mission is to develop highly qualified and committed professionals who will play a leading role in the sustainable development of the region and its integration into the global economy. HYU is based in Korea with another campus at Erica and has collaborations with reputed educational centers in others parts of the world.

The purpose of this MoU is to enable cooperation between HUBS and Poornima University for deriving mutual advantage in their pursuit of higher learning in general and benefiting their respective students by way of exposure to each other’s programs in particular.